Save money with our computer refurbishing services in Sedalia, MO

Computer refurbishing is a process that involves selecting suitable hardware (desktops, laptops, and tablets) that are previously used, but they are still viable to end users. Then the units are cleaned, tested with various diagnostic tools, and normal functions tested within the Operating System (Windows, etc). A multi-point inspection targets common failure points and allows issues to be resolved early on.

The units are then updated, licensed, and made ready for resale.

Refurbished systems can be ideal for small businesses, home offices, and even for home/student use.

In addition to having a strong Green benefit (reduces waste and reduces demand for new products) refurbished PC's also cost a fraction of a comparable new unit. When required, repairs on refurbished units are nearly always less expensive than a new systems.

Contact us now if you're interested in our refurbished systems.

What goes into computer refurbishing?

Computer refurbishing can involve troubleshooting, repairs and more. To get a system back into perfect condition, we handle:

  • Cleaning fan and motors
  • Relacing damaged parts
  • Checking operating systems

It's important to check both hardware and software so that the refurbished computer works properly once it's booted up. Reach out to us now to save money on a new system while keeping up with technology.